Our story

The company was founded by Carlo Genoni, the Chief Executive Officer, during May 1970 in Busto Arsizio, an industrial center on the outskirts of Milan.

In the beginning, it deals with home textile products, subsequently finding its natural action field in the clothing industry.

In 1974 CO.RI.MA. begins to cooperate with a company which produces and distributes knitwear collections for big-size European retailers.

After a decade, CO.RI.MA. undertakes a change in the type of product and distribution target: from large retailers to smaller shops, from the European to the domestic market, accepting the challenge to counter the expansion of new producers from the emerging markets.

Since then, the company has managed many brands, some of which are still in its business portfolio. It has always managed own brands, participated brands or licenses, having an extra motivation in pursuing results not only for itself, but also for the brand itself.

The long presence in the market has allowed CO.RI.MA. to select the best suppliers for each type of product: the direct and continuous relationship with the same companies allows an updated check of the production standards and the reliability of the partners.

The family dimensions allow the coexistence of the most recent technologies, combined with the flexibility of classic craftsmanship.

Since the end of the 90s, the company has moved to a new facility, equipped with all the modern production development tools.

The new office is located in a quiet and rural area, close to Malpensa airport and well connected to the main connecting roads.

Trust us

CO.RI.MA. believes that the current particular situation which involves the clothing market today, requires the actors to develop production and distribution synergies.

For this reason, CO.RI.MA. is interested in the management of already existing clothing brands.

How? By creating a partnership with the brand owner, which allows the latter to distance itself from all the problems which concern the production cycle (creation and development of the models and prototypes, creation of sample ranges, purchase of raw materials and accessories, order planning) and retail distribution (order set-up and shipment to the customers, billing management, payment collection, after-sales management).

This partnership allows our partner to reduce its structural costs, eliminate credit losses, maximizing margins.

CO.RI.MA. is able to deal both with the production and the distribution of male and female brands, thanks to the know-how gained in almost 50 years of history, and thanks to the professional sales network of proven experience.

If you are interested, contact us!